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Life is just a lullaby.

Nothing lost and nothing gained.

Hubba Bubba Nightmare
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Came so close to dying that I finally can start living...

24 hour party people, a clockwork orange, albert camus, aldous huxley, ambulance ltd, american psycho, androgyny, anime, bauhaus, beetlejuice, bernard butler, betty blue, billy martin, black and white, black books, bret easton ellis, brett anderson, brian froud, bright eyes, britpop, catcher in the rye, christian death, comic books, conor oberst, courtney love, dada, dante, david bowie, dead 60s, depeche mode, designing clothes, doc martins, donnie darko, douglas coupland, echo and the bunnymen, editors, edward gorey, edward scissorhands, elastica, emily the strange, fairy wings, fishies, foamy the squirrel, franz ferdinand, franz kafka, george orwell, giger, good charlotte, gormenghast, graveyards, guitar, hole, ian curtis, illustration, interpol, invader zim, j d salinger, j g ballard, jack kerouac, jack off jill, james dean bradfield, jarvis cocker, jeff buckley, jenny holzer, jesus and mary chain, jhonen vasquez, johnathan rhys meyers, johnny dean, johnny the homocidal maniac, joseph heller, joy division, julie verhoeven, labyrinth, lenore, leopard print, literature, living dead dolls, lostprophets, luke rhinehart, manga, manic street preachers, manikeen, mark ryden, marxism, mccarthy, menswe@r, mercury rev, miyazaki, modest mouse, monty python, morrissey, my chemical romance, nick cave, nicky wire, octave mirbeau, patrick jones, patrick wolf, philip larkin, phoenix nights, placebo, politics, pook pook, princess mononoke, public image ltd, pulp, quotes, rachel stamp, rats, red dwarf, rex the runt, richey edwards, rimbaud, robots in disguise, rocky horror picture show, roman dirge, rumblefish, scarling, sean moore, sex pistols, smashing pumpkins, sparkle and believe, spirited away, spray paint, stripey tights, suede, surrealism, syd barret, sylvia plath, tattoos, ted hughes, the arcade fire, the bravery, the clash, the cure, the faint, the flaming lips, the killers, the libertines, the mighty boosh, the nightmare before christmas, the sandman, the smiths, the teardrop explodes, the tears, the young ones, tim burton, tom wolfe, vodka, we are scientists, zwan